01/09/18 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Why Snap ($SNAP) is so paranoid about is usage data. (thedailybeast)
  • The prime working age population in the US is nearing record highs. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Why you shouldn’t plan your portfolio around a ‘melt up’ or ‘melt down.’ (pragcap)
  • The VIX spent a lot of time under 2017 under 10. (wsj)
  • The upside of buying stakes in private equity firms. (pionline)
  • Be clear, and direct. (avc)
  • Economics and the human instinct for storytelling (review.chicagobooth.edu)
  • Why are investors paying up for Big Brands in the age of disruption? (ft)
  • Why ESG investing could do with a dose of good old fashioned activism. (bloomberg)
  • If Switzerland’s central bank, the SNB, were a public company it would report more earnings than Apple ($AAPL) in 2017. (wsj)
  • Wall Street strategists are finally upping their allocation to equities. (bloomberg)
  • What it’s like to be a dorm room cryptocurrency miner. (qz)
  • The Subliminal Trick Netflix Uses to Get You to Watch Its Movies & Shows (thrillist)
  • When There Are No More Fish (eater)
  •  Bigger Raises Might Be Coming in 2018 (bloomberg)
  • Household deleveraging is over. (bloomberg)
  • Are Gummy Bear Flavors Just Fooling Our Brains? (npr)
  • Negotiations are not usually a zero-sum game. (collaborativefund)
  • We investors are far too likely to mistake noise for signal. (ofdollarsanddata)
  • Inflation: The Unwanted Guest at the Party (barrons)
  • Bubbles make fools of everyone eventually. (blogs.wsj)
  •  Intel Faces Scrutiny as Questions Swirl Over Chip Security (nytimes)
  •  Fish Feel Pain. Now What? (hakaimagazine)
  • A great approach on how to get unstuck, i.e. fighting paralysis by analysis. (sethgodin.typepad)
  • "It Can’t Be True." Inside the Semiconductor Industry’s Meltdown (bloomberg)
  • How IPOs push firms to grow bigger. (papers.ssrn)
  • How will we know when the current low-vol regime is over? (capitalspectator)

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