01/24/18 – Wednesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • How technology can enable the solo financial advisor. (kitces)
  • How to use brute force to improve your finances. (ofdollarsanddata)
  • What you need to know about Powers of Attorney. (blogs.cfainstitute)
  • Business schools have a problem with fintech (ft)
  • Price war bites as world’s largest exchange traded fund turns 25 (ft)
  • WealthSImple is rolling out an ESG portfolio option in the UK. (businessinsider)
  • Ugh. Why you should expect to see more annuities in retirement plans. (linkedin)
  • A look at how Schwab’s Intelligent Portfolios have done over the past three years. (etf)
  • Kansas Provides Compelling Evidence of Failure of "Supply-Side" Tax Cuts (cbpp)
  • Ray Dalio teaches Cycles 101: Boom, then bust. Repeat. (pro.creditwritedowns)
  • On the power of telling clients the truth, not necessarily what they want to hear. (thereformedbroker)
  •  Banks and Fintechs Are Dueling In a "War for Talent" (bloomberg)
  • Long term-care insurance providers are running into financial problems. (wsj)
  • More Women Than Men Enrolled in U.S. Medical Schools in 2017 (news.aamc)
  • The new tax laws mean you should re-visit your estate plans. (beta.morningstar)
  • Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans (bostonreview)
  • Malkiel: How to Invest in an Overpriced World&#xA0 (wsj)
  • Five downsides to dying with too much money. (whitecoatinvestor)
  •  The Price Is Slight (humbledollar)
  • What advisors need to know about the new 20% pass-through deduction. (thinkadvisor)
  • Worth repeating: there is a big difference between investment management and financial advice. (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Don’t borrow to make investments and other tips to avoid investment disaster. (financialsamurai)
  • Don’t let slick ads deter you from finding a trusted, fidicuary to work with. (forbes)
  • How mortgage interest deductibility changes with the new tax law. (kitces)
  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Decision Making (hbr)
  • Pay-for-financial planning services requires a robust billing system. (kitces)
  • Young people wish they had learned more in school about how to manage their money. (ft)

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