01/02/16 – Saturday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • How to make the perfect Martini. (wsj)
  • Midwest farmers will not remain untouched by climate change. (scientificamerican)
  • For your mental health you should exercise after work. (next.ft)
  • Lego is making headway with girls. (wsj)
  • The science of hangovers. (smithsonianmag)
  • How being a trader helped me lose 50 pounds. (athrasher)
  • The Siege of Miami: As temperatures climb, so, too, will sea levels. (newyorker)
  • To what degree is anxiety genetic? (scientificamerican)
  • Why constipation is so common on vacation. (theatlantic)
  • How to instantly connect with someone. (qz)
  • More than anything else doctors know the limits of medicine. (qz)
  • Going back home: life as a reverse immigrant (wilsonquarterly)
  • Here’s Why the University of California Is Getting Into the Venture Capital Business (recode)
  • Why we are now living in the golden age of television. (digitopoly)
  • Six ways to be happier. (qz)
  • Donald Trump’s Six Stages Of Doom (fivethirtyeight)
  • ‘Flat beer’ is now a thing. (bloomberg)
  • The Man Who Tried to Redeem the World with Logic (nautil.us)
  • 2015: Apple’s year in beta Everything needs more focus and more time (theverge)
  • Champagne really does get you drunk faster. (qz)
  • Ways to calm your brain during conflict. (hbr)
  • What I Learned from Losing $200 Million (nautil.us)
  • Devils, Deals and the DEA: Why Chapo Guzman was the biggest winner in the DEA’s longest running drug cartel case (propublica)
  • For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions (nytimes)
  • Opt-in vs. opt-out: how to get consumers to go green. (scientificamerican)
  • Paulson Leads Funds to Bermuda Tax Dodge Aiding Billionaires (bloomberg)

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