01/16/17 – Monday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • There’s nothing ‘soft’ or easy about Brexit. (bloomberg)
  • Lens maker Essilor is buying Luxottica ($LUX) to create a vertically integrated eyeglass giant. (wsj)
  • Even Vanguard has to close funds. (beta.morningstar)
  • Commodities and emerging market equities led the first week of the trading year. (capitalspectator)
  • Nate Geraci talks with Dave Nadig of ETF.com about the year ahead for ETFs. (etfstore)
  • Measuring the effects of economic uncertainty. (econbrowser)
  • How can money managers compete with Vanguard? Stay niche. (ft)
  • Some bloggers on things we aren’t paying enough attention to. (peterlazaroff)
  • Asset growth is great for ETF managers but what about the revenues? (etf)
  • Snap ($SNAP) shareholders aren’t going to get any votes. (wsj)
  • No-commission ETFs have more volume and tighter spreads. (etf)
  • The many reasons why the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus finally died. (marginalrevolution)
  • Active ETFs don’t need all opacity, they need transparency. (aaii)
  • ETFs have displaced stocks as the most actively traded securities on the stock exchanges. (bloomberg)
  • How Amazon’s Alexa got such a jump in voice computing. (businessinsider)
  • The downside of Facebook ($FB) for actual friendships. (jonathan-tepper)
  • A border tax, if passed, would have huge implications. (ft)
  • Why age discrimination is a trickier problem to solve. (bloomberg)

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