01/24/16 – Sunday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Why you shouldn’t fear the drop in the Baltic Dry Index. (next.ft)
  • Focus on process, not outcomes. (washingtonpost)
  • The credit risk pipeline MLPs face from their E&P customers. (sl-advisors)
  • A succinct summary of the economic week. (ritholtz)
  • Has HFT broken the futures markets for commodities like cattle? (pointsandfigures)
  • How Starbucks ($SBUX) won the holiday season. (washingtonpost)
  • Brett Steenbarger, “The single step that traders and investors can take to turn their psychology around is to gauge themselves by the right yardsticks.” (forbes)
  • The app economy is changing, big time. (wired)
  • Don’t look to the Fed to bail out this market. (dashofinsight)
  • Remember ‘Peak Oil’? (arnoldkling)
  • This Football Helmet Crumples—and That’s Good (bloomberg)
  • People underappreciate others willingness to help. (gsb.stanford.edu)
  • Three tips on getting a meeting with some one you don’t know. (m.signalvnoise)
  • Is hotel consolidation the key to competing against Airbnb? (wsj)
  • The economic schedule for the coming week. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Why pessimism always sounds smarter. (fool)
  • How reading books can save your life. (medium)

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