02/04/15 – Wednesday morning reading

  • European Stocks Set For Banner Year Amid Cheap Valuations: Morgan Stanley (ValueWalk)
  • Roach: Why central bankers around the world have lost control (marketwatch)
  • Byron Wien:  The Power of Lower Oil Prices (blackstone)
  •  Another Misguided Cancer Testimonial (sciencebasedmedicine)
  • Activist investors were a lot more active in 2014 (fortune)
  • Y’all ready for 2 Kill 2 Mockingbirds? (Vulture)
  •  German 10-year yield dips below Japan’s (ft)
  • S.&P. Settlement Leaves Future Unclear for Ratings (dealbook.nytimes)
  • Ignoring the Yield Curve May Be Dangerous to Your Health (economics21)
  • Charlotte McKinney is the new Kate Upton (Business Insider)
  •  Two New Faces That Helped Seal S&P Deal (wsj)
  • An invasion of artificial outrage (washingtonpost)
  • Asset Managers Break Promises on Responsible Investment (ai-cio)
  • Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and ECB Chairmen Mario Draghi had a productive meeting, took selfies together (Wall Street Journal)
  • ‘Frozen’ is still killing it for Disney. Still. (LA Times)
  • Master switch found to stop tumor cell growth by inducing dormancy (eurekalert)
  • David Merkel is NOT a fan of the innovative new eBond (Aleph Blog)
  • Twitter is the most compelling story in all of finance (MarketWatch)
  • “After only a few weeks of trading, we have what looks to be the perfect scenario for active managers.” (Irrelevant Investor)
  • Why testosterone is the drug of the future (Fusion)
  • Chelsea Clinton’s husband’s hedge fund got blown up in Greece (Wall Street Journal)
  • Groundhog Days: Punxsutawney gets the spotlight, but it’s Groundhog Day every day in Woodstock, Ill., where Groundhog Day was filmed, and where hundreds of fans gathered this year — and every year, year after year — to celebrate their favorite movie. (themorningnews)

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