02/05/15 – Thursday morning reading

  • Unemployment Has Changed. Unemployment Benefits Haven’t. (fivethirtyeight)
  • Analysts Blow Calls on Oil: In Assessing Energy Companies, Many Failed to Foresee Depth of Crude’s Decline (wsj)
  •  China Moves to Free Up Money in Its Economy (nytimes)
  • How to Have a Year That Counts (medium)
  • This currency would be great if it wasn’t for the market, RMB edition (ftalphaville.ft)
  •  It’s Hard To Top Traditional Diversification (servowealth)
  • Love Hot Sauce? Your Personality May Be A Good Predictor (npr)
  • Twitter is the most compelling story in all of finance (marketwatch)
  •  U.S. Companies Grow Older and Hire Less (bloomberg)
  • Secular stagnation in the Eurozone (voxeu)
  • How do we perceive risk?: Paul Slovic’s landmark analysis (scienceblogs)
  • Is the unemployment rate really just a ‘Big Lie’? (fortune)
  •  Economics, Data and Conspiracy Theories (bloombergview)

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