02/08/15 – Sunday Interest-ing Reads

  • Why fast casual is taking over the casual dining sector. (washingtonpost)
  • Falling gas prices are hurting hybrids but not all-electric car sales. (slate)
  • Spirits continue to take share from beer. (fortune)
  • Why are America’s companies investing less in science and research? (vox)
  • Univlever’s ($U) seems to have changed its recipe for Hellman’s Mayonnaise. (slate)
  • Do we remove many wisdom teeth unnecessarily? (vox)
  • Mega-container ships are going to dominate global shipping. (fortune)
  • Does the Toyota Prius still matter? (autoblog)
  • Alcohol has been a part of human diet far longer than previously thought. (scientificamerican)
  • Mindfulness helps even Kindergarten age children. (nymag)
  • Creating a craft butchery business is tougher than it looks. (qz)
  • Coca-Cola ($KO) is getting into the milk business. (businessinsider)
  • 57 ways to make yourself a better cook right now. (epicurious)
  • The optimal dose of jogging is “light.” (well.blogs.nytimes)
  • How Daimler Benz is trying to re-invent the automobile. (bloomberg)
  • Why its faster to de-board a plane by column, not aisle. (vox)
  • Which wireless speaker system is right for you? (wsj)
  • Are we building too many microbreweries in America? (nytimes)
  • Because of the smoothie boom, Americans are snapping up frozen fruit. (wsj)
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill ($CMG) is exploring smaller scale, takeout focused, stores. (qz)
  • When you eat matters. (wsj)
  • Farmers are attracted to non-GMO seeds because of the premium producers are willing to pay for their crops. (wsj)
  • IV saline solution is in short supply. (fortune)
  • Reinventing the soy sauce packet. (theatlantic)
  • The planning fallacy: why you are always late. (wsj)
  • The top 25 films from 2010-2014. (thedissolve)
  • Research into psychedelics is back in vogue. (newyorker)

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