02/09/15 – Monday AM Interest-ing Reads

  • Obama is set to break a record for private job creation under a presidential administration. Don’t tell him though, he’ll get all swaggy about it. (Calculated Risk)
  • Who Will Rule the Oil Market? (nytimes)
  • Why MidCaps broke out this week (TRB)
  • Favorite new Tumblr: Yanis Varoufakis Doing Things (varoufakisdoingthings.tumblr)
  • Six Things Technology Has Made Insanely Cheap (bloomberg)
  • When Rand Paul bashes the Fed, it comes off like he eats crayons and wears a helmet. (Bloomberg View)
  • Jeffrey Gundlach’s Surprising Bond Forecast (online.barrons)
  • These are the economic facts, you can add any caveats you’d like (TRB)
  • Greenspan says it’s just a matter of time anyway (MarketWatch)
  • Booming jobs and falling gas prices make this the best economy in 15 years (washingtonpost)
  • Meanwhile, the OECD sees a revival for Eurozone economies (Wall Street Journal)
  • But will the markets? (Research Affiliates)
  • End Of An Era: RadioShack Files For Bankruptcy (buzzfeed)
  •  How RadioShack Helped Build Silicon Valley (wired)
  • Europe doesn’t give a f*** at this point. They’re like “Bring it.” (Reuters)
  •  Jeremy Grantham Divines Oil Industry’s Future (online.barrons)
  • Biggest moments from the Grammy’s last night, in case, like me, you moved over to the Walking Dead / Saul doubleheader at 9. (Vox)
  • Why do pension funds ignore evidence? (ETF.com)
  • Grexit in progress, perhaps (Guardian)
  • Mobile SniffPhone will detect cancer on a user’s breath (timesofisrael)
  • “Making minor tweaks and changes to your asset allocation won’t have that much of an impact on your performance. Your ability to stick with your chosen asset allocation will.” (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
  • Is Goldman kicking the tires on BAML’s private banking and investment group? (AdvisorHUB)
  • Bottom Line for S&P 500 Is Top Line as Price-Sales Ratio Expands (bloomberg)
  • Simple, Bedrock Rules on Personal Finance (wsj)
  • Regional bank stocks could be next (Andrew Thrasher)
  •  Revisions Made This A Blockbuster Jobs Report (fivethirtyeight)

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