02/11/15 – Wednesday PM Interest-ing Reads

  • Should investors hedge their foreign currency exposure? (news.morningstar)
  • PE firms are in heated competition for investment banking analysts. (dealbook.nytimes)
  • Vanguard is launching a ultra short-term bond fund. (blogs.barrons)
  • It’s harder to get a job at Goldman Sachs ($GS) than Harvard. (buzzfeed)
  • What is Shake Shack’s ($SHAK) secret sauce? (strategy-business)
  • Active share has become a go-to statistic for fund investors. (ft)
  • Some companies are going out of their way to accentuate the positive in performance reviews. (wsj)
  • Is 2015 the end of the buyback binge? (fortune)
  • Are we numb to valuations again? (ftalphaville.ft)
  • The very cheapest stocks, by book/price, are poor performers. (millennialinvest)
  • How to destroy value: the case of Petrobras ($PBR). (aswathdamodaran.blogspot)
  • Apple ($AAPL) is now twice as big as Google ($GOOG). (wsj)
  • Smart beta is putting downward pressure on fund fees. (ft)
  • Investors should be planning for lower returns going forward. (news.morningstar)
  • Advice for aspiring journalists: get a real job first. (bloombergview)
  • The definitive China ETF guide. (etf)
  • It’s time to reassess the idea of a low wage recovery. (econbrowser)
  • The Fed wants to hike in June. (economistsview.typepad)
  • Amazon ($AMZN) Prime is a bizarre business idea that works. (wired)
  • Apple ($AAPL) knows how to trade bonds. (microfundy.tumblr)

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