02/12/15 – Thursday AM Interest-ing Reads

  • How one tweet ruined a woman’s life. (nytimes)
  • All Hail the Daily Show! (ritholtz)
  • Top U.S. analyst: We made 5 dangerously wrong assumptions about China (businessinsider)
  • Guy Judkowski’s “Short Selling: Cleaning Up After Elephants, An Investor’s Guide to Wall Street’s Toughest Job.” (cleaningupafterelephants)
  • Why hasn’t California legalized marijuana yet? (buzzfeed)
  • How losing $225,000 changed one man’s life. (slate)
  • Very Little Evidence Disclosure Rules Are Effective (dealbook.nytimes)
  • The life, death and rebirth of Blackberry’s ($BBRY) hometown. (fusion)
  • The story of Google ($GOOG) Maps ten years in. (recode)
  • What If Everything We Know About Recessions Is Wrong? (bloombergview)
  • What Apple Just Did in Solar Is a Really Big Deal (bloomberg)
  • The rise and fall of McDonald’s ($MCD) ex-CEO Don Thompson. (chicagomag)
  • A profile of the world’s most successful sports bettor Billy Walters. (espn.go)
  • What are the odds you’ll win Powerball? Much worse than you think (marketwatch)
  • Do the Scandinavians really have it all figured out? (newyorker)
  • In Wake of Financial Crisis, Goldman Goes It Alone (wsj)
  • Are You Mentally Tough? (blogs.scientificamerican)
  • America doesn’t value stuff, hence the profitability of dumpster diving. (wired)
  • Is this the true source of addiction? (huffingtonpost)
  • Where Apple ($AAPL) is headed: “every aspect of its consumers’ lives.” (stratechery)
  • An excerpt on “financial therapy” from Paul Sullivan’s “The Thin Green Line: The Money Secrets of The Super Wealthy.”* (nytimes)
  • How an Apple ($AAPL) employee created a company to help himself lose weight. (fastcompany)

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