02/17/15 – Tuesday AM Interest-ing Reads

  • Josh’s awesome investment mix (thereformedbroker)
  • This new Tesla battery will power your home, and maybe the electric grid too (washingtonpost)
  • New research shows that income inequality actually hasn’t risen since the financial crisis (dummies – income is not the point, assets are) (New York Times)
  • Jony Ive and what’s coming next at Apple (New Yorker)
  • What David Einhorn’s buying and selling (ValueWalk)
  • Gary Shilling — Why You Should Own Bonds (advisorperspectives)
  • When the stupids are talking, it’s fun to listen. (Raw Story)
  • Beware the Macro Value Trap – countries aren’t individual stocks (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  • Physics in finance: Trading at the speed of light (nature)
  • “Anchoring yourself to the date you purchased investments or initiated a financial plan will inevitably lead to disappointment” (Certifiable Financial Planner)
  •  Apple’s Electric Car Dreams May Bring Auto Industry Nightmares (bloomberg)
  • Why the worst companies in America have done so well for shareholders (Motley Fool)
  • Ben Carlson plucks a few gems from Fred Schwed (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
  • ISIS is not looking to win a war, it’s actually trying to end the world. (The Atlantic)
  • The Huge Historical Bull Market Bias in International Stocks (theirrelevantinvestor.tumblr)
  • How P.R. Is Killing Journalism: And why that’s a problem even if you’re not a journalist.&nbsp (takepart)
  • Greece gives the middle finger to EMU again. Game Theory blows. (Telegraph)
  • Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2015 (publications.credit-suisse)

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