02/18/15 – Wednesday PM Interest-ing Reads

  • The bond market is finally experiencing some negative volatility. (pragcap)
  • Private equity is getting into the casino turnaround business. (wsj)
  • Hedge funds are tiptoeing back into energy stocks. (dealbook.nytimes)
  • On the risk of automation for even high paying jobs. (blogs.wsj)
  • What is Yahoo ($YHOO) worth post-spinoff? (microfundy.tumblr)
  • Twenty great places to work in financial services. (fortune)
  • SnapChat is now on the clock. (csen.tumblr)
  • What Microsoft ($MSFT) should do next. (linkedin)
  • Ten Years of Google Maps, From Slashdot to Ground Truth (recode)
  • The lowly doorbell is going high tech. (wsj)
  • How Apple ($AAPL) could compete in streaming music. (qz)
  • “Off model events” happen all the time in financial markets. (ft)
  • BATS Global is going to take another crack at an IPO. (wsj)
  • Microsoft ($MSFT) has woken up to the new reality of software. (stratechery)
  • Econ blogs you should be reading. (bloombergview)
  • How will people use the Apple ($AAPL) Watch. (technologyreview)
  • The most important charts in the world. (businessinsider)
  • There are no real winners in mobile finance yet. (medium)
  • Ten high confidence stock picks from the “ultimate stock pickers.” (news.morningstar)

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