02/23/15 – Monday AM Interest-ing Reads

  • Nothing infuriates the RIA community like the annual Barron’s Top Advisor list (Malice for All)
  • What are the kids talking about? Your secret decoder ring here. (The Upshot)
  • Andy’s weekly technical rundown is always a good starting point (AThrasher)
  • Meet the tweet-deleters: people who are making their Twitter histories self-destruct (fusion)
  • “Saying something is ‘academic’ means it is irrelevant in almost every language…and that is what we’re trying to change.” (CIO)
  • Why you don’t want more than 4% of your country working in the financial sector (Buttonwood)
  • Frank Holmes: Surprise! Europe is beating economic expectations. (ValueWalk)
  • S&P 500 trading with the highest forward PE in 11 years (FactSet)
  • Should the Fed consider their global responsibilities before raising rates? Do they have any? (Financial Times)
  • Money managers are going overseas with fresh cash, here’s why (MoneyBeat)
  • ‘Modern Family’ to Air Episode Shot on iPhones (artsbeat.blogs.nytimes)
  • Work of prominent climate change denier was funded by energy industry (theguardian)
  • Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for Doubtful Climate Researcher (nytimes)
  • Apple’s New Market (stratechery)
  • Around the Solar System: We currently have spacecraft in orbit around the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, a comet, and Saturn, and two operational rovers on Mars. All of them keep sending back spectacular photos (theatlantic)
  • On the rebound in bond yields (Ed Yardeni)
  • The One Where Larry Summers Demolished the Robots and Skills Arguments (nextnewdeal)
  • Building a portfolio to win the only thing that matters – the future (GestaltU)
  • Dear Silicon Valley: Here’s your wake-up call (businessinsider)
  • Paulsen: Look Deeper at Valuations (theguruinvestor)
  • The active fund management model is not fit for purpose (ft)

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