02/27/15 – Friday PM Interest-ing Reads

  • A new housing trend: farms are the new golf courses. (bloomberg)
  • Warren Buffett has been writing big checks for overseas companies. (reuters)
  • Why sell-side analysts don’t need to be right all that often. (theclassicalliberals)
  • Bridgewater Associates is forming an AI group to help trade its vast portfolio. (bloomberg)
  • Google ($GOOG) is financing a bunch of residential solar installations. (inhabitat)
  • What does market sentiment mean in an instant feedback era? (jeffhirsch.tumblr)
  • The upside of a downward revision in Q4 US GDP. (qz)
  • The upside of quant: a focus on things you can control. (systematicrelativestrength)
  • A big case for JP Morgan ($JPM) is diversification. (brooklyninvestor.blogspot)
  • A rare loss for the lobby-laden Internet providers. (fortune)
  • Anticipating a good Spring for the housing market. (fortune)
  • Chalk one up for the Saudi’s oil realpolitik. (bloomberg)
  • Asset allocation funds have a wide range of strategies (and returns). (capitalspectator)
  • The trading gods think us humans are hilarious. (bloombergview)
  • The surprising path of the net neutrality rule. (newyorker)

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