02/27/16 – Saturday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Vaccinations have dramatically reduced the HPV infection rate. (newscientist)
  • The new pertussis vaccine simply isn’t as good. (well.blogs.nytimes)
  • 25 things I wish I had learned 10 years earlier. (observer)
  • Built Up by Oil Boom, North Dakota Now Has an Emptier Feeling (nytimes)
  • Twitter’s missing manual (eev.ee)
  • The best pale ales in America. (pastemagazine)
  • Rural electric co-cops are embracing solar power. (vox)
  • Exercise combats stress. (qz)
  • Why it’s so easy to call yourself a “best-selling author” these days. (observer)
  • Good studies on the effectiveness of drug/alcohol rehab are rare. (slate)
  • Chicago schools are now requiring computer science to graduate. (techcrunch)
  • Getting kids to graduate college is as important than getting there in the first place. (nytimes)
  • How our brains treat foreign accents. (qz)
  • 8 trends to keep an eye on. (medium)
  • How AQR’s Liquid Alternative Funds Are Outperforming Competitors (barrons)
  • McDonald’s ($MCD) all-day breakfast is shaking up the fast-food industry. (businessinsider)
  • Should you start drinking coffee? (well.blogs.nytimes)
  • Scott Boras’ plan to remake the MLB draft. (washingtonpost)
  • How to stay healthy why traveling the globe. (well.blogs.nytimes)
  • The secret to good toast: frozen bread. (nytimes)
  • Robots are getting better, fast. (washingtonpost)
  • Netflix ($NFLX) wants to get a little more family friendly. (nytimes)
  • Even losing a little bit of weight can help your health. (well.blogs.nytimes)
  • Sworkit is the best fitness app. (businessinsider)
  • Adele: The full story (bbc)
  • Adam McKay’s “The Big Short” is his second-best movie. What’s #1? (slate)
  • Behavioral Biases: What Is the Weakest Link in the Investment Profession? (blogs.cfainstitute)
  • Why chefs love cereal. (nytimes)
  • Danny Meyer on why tipping doesn’t work. (nytimes)
  • The Making Of “Homer At The Bat” (deadspin)
  • Ten breakthrough technologies for 2016. (technologyreview)
  • The scary relationship between concussions and suicide. (washingtonpost)
  • Even on streaming-only shows the “attractiveness gap” continues on. (vulture)
  • Bilingualism seems to be good for speaking two languages. (theatlantic)
  • The Death Of Expertise (thefederalist)
  • Why boredom may be good for a relationship. (wsj)
  • The ultimate guide to cooking eggs. (cooking.nytimes)
  • Should professors should be fired for embarrassing the university? (theatlantic)
  • Some states are providing incentives to pursue STEM-type degrees. (nytimes)
  • Tracking the Hedge Fund Pack (barrons)
  • How to compare different flights. (wsj)
  • The cost of breakfast is at a 6-year low. (next.ft)
  • Charles Koch: This is the one issue where Bernie Sanders is right (washingtonpost)
  • The ball really does look bigger to better hitters. (scientificamerican)
  • Your fitness tracker sucks. (wthr)
  • How to declutter your phone. (wsj)
  • How meditation changes the brain. (businessinsider)
  • Starbucks ($SBUX) is updating its loyal program to reward dollars spent not visits. (bloomberg)
  • The Internet of Things is making easy surveillance almost trivial. Is this what we want? (nytimes)
  • The Koch Brothers’ New Brand (nybooks)
  • On the scourge that is bedbugs. (bloombergview)
  • How heavy metal went global. (wsj)
  • Why do we still eat three meals a day? (next.ft)
  • Some cities are banning the use single-use coffee pods. (qz)
  • Why Don’t People Manage Debt Better? (blogs.scientificamerican)
  • It takes some work to keep your elite flyer status on an airline. (newyorker)

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