03/04/15 – Wednesday AM Interest-ing Reads

  • The Smart Questions Clients Ask (thereformedbroker)
  • Innovation, not easy money, is behind the Nasdaq’s return to 5,000 (marketwatch)
  • U.S. running out of room to store oil; price collapse next? (finance.yahoo)
  • The Most Thrilling Cars From the 2015 Geneva Motor Show (bloomberg)
  • Wall Street Has Its Eyes on Millennials’ $30 Trillion Inheritance (bloomberg)
  • Simultaneous observation of the quantization and the interference pattern of a plasmonic near-field (nature)
  • Why Buzzfeed is the most important news organization in the world (stratechery)
  • Behold the first photo of light in both wave and particle forms (engadget)
  • The Organisational Choice of PowerPoint versus Excel (digitopoly)
  • The Last Nasdaq 5000 Was Happier (blogs.wsj)
  • India’s Failure to Cut Import Duty on Gold Hurts Prices (wsj)
  • If you want to know who gets health-care handouts, look in the mirror (washingtonpost)

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