03/04/15 – Wednesday PM Interest-ing Reads

  • Baby boomers are going to retire. It may not be pretty. (slate)
  • Some money decisions you have to make if you lose your job. (nytimes)
  • Schwab’s ($SCHW) robo-advisor is betting big on smart beta and cash. (investmentnews)
  • Three questions to ask a prospective financial advisor. (nytimes)
  • Robo-advisors are now targeting high net work individuals with personalized tax-loss harvesting. (riabiz)
  • Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Services is off to a strong start. (investmentnews)
  • Be skeptical of so-called “star rankings” for financial advisors. (wsj)
  • There’s only so much planning you can do for (early) retirement. (bencarlsonyahoofinance.tumblr)
  • An interview with Nick Murray about the “hard truths” facing advisors. (thinkadvisor)
  • Many financial advisors earn both fees and commissions. (blogs.wsj)
  • An interview with Mr. Money Mustache. (vox)
  • Is there a bubble in RIA prices? (investmentnews)
  • Proposals to introduce a fiduciary standard don’t go far enough. (charlessizemore.tumblr)
  • Schwab ($SCHW) Intelligent Portfolios are good but could be better. (thefinancebuff)

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