03/05/15 – Thursday PM Interest-ing Reads

  • Five hidden benefits of gossip. (fastcompany)
  • A dispute about what JP Morgan ($JPM) says about their mutual fund performance. (bloomberg)
  • Don’t pay active fees for passive performance. (pragcap)
  • You are who you are on the Internet. (four-pins)
  • How to invest in a world full of negative yields. (etf)
  • Three more things particular to Buffett: patience, privacy and peculiarty. (ft)
  • In the long run, fees matter more than asset allocation. (ft)
  • European corporate bond yields are getting crushed as well. (ftalphaville.ft)
  • How should someone subscribing to a long-term, passive, buy-and-hold-and-rebalance strategy set their expectations? (basonasset)
  • Weekly initial unemployment claims jumped last week. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Three costs investors need to control. (rickferri)
  • Etsy ($ETSY) is going public. (nytimes)
  • Why we change our behaviors after big market gains (and losses). (awealthofcommonsense)
  • How financial advisors can add value to clients. (servowealth)
  • The NY Fed is losing power to Washington. (wsj)
  • The Shareholder Yield Dogs of the Dow. (mebfaber)
  • Index fund bigshots Vanguard and Blackrock ($BLK) are becoming more assertive on shareholder issues. (wsj)
  • all about coming to terms with uncertainty. (theturtlefollower)
  • Why business school rankings matter. (wsj)
  • What to do in quiet markets. (adamhgrimes)
  • For now, weaker economic data has not spooked equity investors. (pensionpartners)
  • Six charts that showed just bad the economy was back in 2009. (blogs.wsj)
  • PE firms are now in the business of making “landlord loans.” (nytimes)
  • One potential weakness for Berkshire Hathaway ($BRKA). (alephblog)
  • The secret of Warren Buffett’s success: deferred taxes. (ft)
  • Why do think Berkshire Hathaway ($BRKB) will proceed apace after Buffett? (stockpucker)

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