03/06/15 – Friday PM Interest-ing Reads

  • There are way too many apps chasing too many angel investors. (blogmaverick)
  • Are there some crazy valuations in the startup world? You bet. (pointsandfigures)
  • What CEOs are saying about the state of the economy. (skrisiloff.tumblr)
  • CVS ($CVS) and Walgreen’s ($WAG) hate paying property taxes. (bloomberg)
  • Fund managers are having a hard time finding bonds. (ft)
  • A practical Apple ($AAPL) Watch wish-list. (imore)
  • When Twitter ($TWTR) beats Google ($GOOG) for search. (allaboutalpha)
  • Millennials are buying the wrong type of stocks. (millennialinvest)
  • The Apple ($AAPL) Watch is a big, big bet. (qz)
  • Boys are losing out to girls at school around the world. (economist)
  • Putting the so-called “tech bubble” into perspective. (pragcap)
  • Apple ($AAPL) joins the Dow. (wsj)
  • The rigor of data journalism is waning. (signalvnoise)
  • The skeptical take on biotechs. (bloomberg)
  • Traders could benefit from coaching. (economist)
  • Mark Cuban is looking for problems in the wrong place. (fortune)
  • Ten charts on the employment situation (blogs.wsj)
  • The February NFP report was solid. (calculatedriskblog)
  • ETF statistics for February 2015 shows a jump in actively managed assets. (investwithanedge)
  • Is Berkshire Hathaway’s ($BRKA) book value a less relevant measure of value? (brooklyninvestor.blogspot)
  • An angel investing bubble would have a lot less damage than the Dotcom bubble. (philpearlman.tumblr)

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