03/10/15 – Tuesday PM Interest-ing Reads

  • Activist investors nab another victory: GM ($GM). (wsj)
  • Why gold remains weak. (bloombergview)
  • This is not the Internet Dave Pell signed up for. (medium)
  • Apple ($AAPL) is playing the long game with Apple Watch. (csen.tumblr)
  • Isn’t it great we are arguing about low-cost investing solutions? (pragcap)
  • Has Charles Schwab ($SCHW) become the new Merrill Lynch? (medium)
  • Who uses Apple ($AAPL) Pay? (businessinsider)
  • Americans are sitting on a load of unused vacation time. (time)
  • WIth Schwab’s entry, robo-advisors are going mainstream. (investmentnews)
  • Is cash an asset class? (thereformedbroker)
  • Here’s hoping that Etsy ($ETSY) stays a little weird. (ft)
  • RIP, GigaOM. (recode)
  • The Apple ($AAPL) Watch is all about the iPhone. (buzzfeed)
  • A dozen things learned from David Tepper about investing. (25iq)
  • Thinking about the new Macbook as a tablet. (slate)
  • 30 signs you are on Finance Twitter. (thereformedbroker)
  • The case for using a world total market equity index fund. (monevator)
  • Economics blogging is really just getting started. (thefiscaltimes)
  • The case for hedge funds. (medium)
  • Small businesses are having a hard time finding workers with the requisite skills. (blogs.wsj)
  • Schwab responds to the Merrill jab. (aboutschwab)
  • Some random thoughts on the Apple ($AAPL) event. (macsparky)

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