03/11/15 – Wednesday AM Interest-ing Reads

  • Food for fuel: The price of ethanol (necsi.edu)
  • I Have No Idea What’s Going to Happen in China and Neither Do You (sinostand)
  • The uproar over Sen. Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran, explained (vox)
  • Iran Offers to Mediate Talks Between Republicans and Obama (newyorker)
  • End the Ethanol Rip-Off (nytimes)
  • European Yields Fall as Bond Purchases Begin (wsj)
  • The below-zero lower bound: the negative yields observed on some government and corporate bonds are shaking our understanding of the ZLB constraint (bruegel)
  • This is an Investor’s Worst Nightmare (theirrelevantinvestor.tumblr)
  • Gross: Inside Walmart’s Wage Hike (strategy-business)
  • A world of pain: The giants of global finance are in trouble (economist)
  • The Almighty Dollar: Options for capitalizing on the dollar’s rise. (news.morningstar)

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