03/12/15 – Thursday PM Interest-ing Reads

  • A startup, Premise, is building out a network of global economic data gatherers. (buzzfeed)
  • Why are business leaders so bad at apologizing? (ft)
  • The Toronto Stock Exchange is going to get some competition. (wsj)
  • The Nasdaq ($NDAQ) is getting into the energy futures business. (wsj)
  • Early retirement and the “paradox of success.” (nytimes)
  • Mortgage REITs are still pretty cheap. (charlessizemore.tumblr)
  • How should someone subscribing to a long-term, passive, buy-and-hold-and-rebalance strategy set their expectations? (basonasset)
  • Does Yahoo ($YHOO) management deserve the benefit of the doubt? (forbes)
  • An interview with Renaud Laplance CEO of Lending Club ($LC). (lendingmemo)
  • Alibaba ($BABA) stock is coming back to earth. (ftalphaville.ft)
  • Markets are always uncertain. (adamhgrimes)
  • Bull markets aren’t easy to maneuver but you have to have a plan. (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Where capital is sloshing around Europe. (ftalphaville.ft)
  • Why do bonds do well the last week of the month? (jayonthemarkets)
  • If you had to leave the US where would you move? (marginalrevolution)
  • The case for cash as a portfolio diversifier. (compoundingmyinterests)

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