03/26/17 – Sunday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • What commutes are like in six different cities. (ft)
  • What CEOs had to say about the economy this week. (avondaleam)
  • Remember when many thought Amazon ($AMZN) was just a way to dodge state sales taxes? (fortune)
  • The former CEO of Anadarko Petroleum now has $1 billion to spend in the oil patch. (wsj)
  • Traders need to have some self-compassion. (forbes)
  • The logical conclusion of buying hedge funds with ‘solid’ names. (dealbreaker)
  • The economic schedule for the coming week. (calculatedriskblog)
  • A succinct summary of the week’s economic events. (ritholtz)
  • How did 1,500 StockTwits users do at predicting Snap’s ($SNAP) opening price? (blog.stocktwits)
  • Traders: don’t treat the symptoms, treat the underlying condition. (traderfeed.blogspot)
  • How quickly do we forget a ‘near miss’? (sethgodin.typepad)
  • What is a tontine and how might it help in retirement? (nytimes)
  • Amazon ($AMZN) now wants to apply its technology prowess to the retail store. (nytimes)
  • It’s hard not to notice portfolio managers’ optimism. (fat-pitch.blogspot)
  • You can’t learn if you are never wrong. (thecrosshairstrader)
  • What happens when you swap emerging markets for MLPs? (sl-advisors)
  • Ten headlines you will never see in the financial media. (danielsolin)
  • Jeff Miller, "Business cycles don’t die of old age." (dashofinsight)
  • The benefits of truthfulness are many fold. (thehappyphilosopher)

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