03/29/16 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Odd Lots: The Fraught Life of the (Dumpster-Diving, Chicken-Farming) American Short Seller (bloomberg)
  • Peak Robo? America’s favorite investment bloggers weigh in (Abnormal Returns)
  • How Visas Shape the Geopolitical Architecture of the Planet (technologyreview)
  • The Great Divide over Market Efficiency (institutionalinvestor)
  • Smart beta not quite as clever as marketed (ft)
  • $15-an-Hour Minimum Wage in California? Plan Has Some Worried (nytimes)
  • Hell on Earth (Vice)
  • An advisory’s culture had better match its investment philosophy (CFA Institute)
  • It’s still a great time to start a company but Series B rounds are getting tougher. (blog.semilshah)
  • Why founder led companies outperform. (hbr)
  • The backstory of the new private equity ponzi boy (Bloomberg)
  • Barclays still bearish on commodities (Bloomberg)
  •  The 17 Secrets We Think We Know About Tesla’s Model 3 (bloomberg)
  • Prominent Hedge Fund Luxor Capital Warns Redeeming Investors Will Be “Gated” After Sharp Losses (Zero Hedge)
  •  Robots are coming for your job (latimes)
  • The game of concentration: The Internet is pushing the American news business to New York and the coasts (niemanlab)
  • A great company can go public in any kind of market. (vanityfair)
  • How the Investing Industry Could Change (fool)
  • Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns: A Financial-Crisis Mystery Is Solved (Wall Street Journal)
  • Tools to help you track your startup. (medium)
  •  How Can “Smart Beta” Go Horribly Wrong? (researchaffiliates)
  • Bull Market in S&P 500 Goes AWOL as History Rewards Patience (bloomberg)
  • How to decrease the odds that your startup will fail. (bothsidesofthetable)
  • How to build a weatherproof company. (medium)
  • The tide turns: Consumers are finally revolting against an outdated industry (economist)
  • After this week, the world will know if Elon Musk called the electric-car future correctly (qz)

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