04/01/15 – Wednesday Interest-ing Reads

  • Indiana Governor Either Confused Or Misleading Everyone About His Controversial Law (huffingtonpost)
  • All Hail Jeffrey Gundlach, the New Bond King&nbsp (bloomberg)
  • Sears Holdings announces a $2.5 billion sale-leaseback REIT deal. So this is what you’ve been waiting for since 2004. Great. (Bloomberg)
  • Investors Across the Globe Join the Party (wsj)
  • Oil Speculators Focused on Glut Miss Surge as Bombs Hit Yemen (bloomberg)
  • Can money buy your kids a bigger brain? (latimes)
  • Here are notes on everything Munger said at the DJCO annual meeting (ValueWalk)
  • All Hail Jeffrey Gundlach, the New Bond King (bloomberg)
  • Google Maps Pac-Man Locations: 30 Best & Hardest Game Levels To Play This April Fools’ Day (idigitaltimes)
  • jack Bogle weighs in on the fiduciary standard debate (ETF.com)
  • Larry Summers disagrees with Ben Bernanke about secular stagnation (Larry Summers)
  • There’s a new wave of billion-dollar hedge fund startups emerging as some big shops disappoint (Bloomberg)
  • Iran talks: six days of living in a gilded cage (AFP)
  • Here Comes a New Wave of Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds (bloomberg)
  • Play PAC-MAN in Google Maps (support.google)
  • Welcome Back, Volatility (BlackRock Blog)
  • Larry Swedroe: This is the worst strategy I’ve ever seen (ETF.com)
  • All Hail Jeffrey Gundlach, the New Bond King (ummm, this has been apparent for four years now) (Bloomberg View)
  • Once-bullish fund managers start to capitulate on oil prices (reuters)
  • Highs and lows of the minimum wage (timharford)
  • Did Bernanke forget about QE? (ftalphaville.ft)
  • Are Social Media’s Benefits Getting Lost in Translation? (sloanreview.mit.edu)
  • Ben Bernanke blogs about secular stagnation (Brookings)
  • Charlie Munger via John Hempton: Not a fan of Valeant (Bronte Capital)
  • Indiana Governor Backs Anti-Discrimination Fix in Self-Pitying Speech About “Religious Freedom” Law (slate)

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