04/22/16 – Friday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Prince covers Radiohead’s “Creep.” (youtube)
  • Office perks are overrated. (bloomberg)
  • What the third wave of indexing will look like. (news.morningstar)
  • How Merle Hazard became the most important country singer in economics. (bloomberg)
  • Market timers are getting bullish. (biiwii)
  • What would your ideal day look like? (medium)
  • Roben Farzad talks with Eric Jackson about the sorry state of Yahoo ($YHOO). (linkedin)
  • Michael Martin talks with Peter Brandt about trading and the challenge of “staying in the game.” (martinkronicle)
  • Jordan Harbinger talks with Neil Pasrich author of “The Happiness Equation.” (theartofcharm)
  • Still no turn in the PMI manufacturing data. (capitalspectator)
  • Apple ($AAPL) has a services problem. (stratechery)
  • How have hedge fund ETFs done of late? (etf)
  • Why women leave STEM jobs. (fastcompany)
  • Why Apple ($AAPL) may bring its chip production in-house. (macworld)
  • What does Apple’s ($AAPL) dividend tell us about its strategy? (aboveavalon)
  • Good luck trying to explain this graph. (dashofinsight)
  • The top 16 investment blogs of 2016. (fundrise)
  • Down five years in a row? Expect a snap back rally. (mebfaber)
  • What Janus ($JNS) is planning in the ETF space. (etf)
  • The two Adams look at boredom. (gimletmedia)
  • Hedge fund performance is a huge disappointment. (financial-math)
  • Is real estate crowdfunding already crowded? (knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu)
  • Marc Maron talks with David Simon creator of “The Wire.” (wtfpod)
  • Active vs. passive is overrated. High cost vs. low cost is where it is at. (evidenceinvestor.co.uk)

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