05/07/17 – Sunday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Why men should be able to meet with women alone in a business context. (hbr)
  • Charlies Munger, "The investing world is just a morass of wrong incentives, crazy reporting and, I’d say, a fair amount of delusion." (bloomberg)
  • The economic schedule for the coming week. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Four reasons for caution when approaching factor investing. (humbledollar)
  • It’s "really, really hard" not to chase performance. (theirrelevantinvestor)
  • A succinct summary of the week’s economic events. (ritholtz)
  • Amazon ($AMZN) has a problem, it might start earning too much in the way of earnings. (barrons)
  • A look at how Facebook ($FB) became an advertising juggernaut. (bloomberg)
  • The best books about management aren’t about management. (marginalrevolution)
  • A round-up of all Warren Buffett had to say yesterday. (businessinsider)
  • Why you should consider implementing ‘Summer hours.’ (m.signalvnoise)
  • Why does Trex ($TREX) have such high profit margins? (brontecapital.blogspot)
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the stories the media spins. (pensionpartners)
  • Great investors think different and better. (farnamstreetblog)
  • Americans are still migrating South. (bloomberg)
  • What CEOs had to say about the state of the economy. (avondaleam)
  • Do less, but do it better says Malcolm Gladwell. (cnbc)
  • Brett Steenbarger, "The best goal for most traders is to get better at getting better." (traderfeed.blogspot)
  • Apple ($AAPL) is investing as much as it can in its current businesses. (nytimes)

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