05/10/16 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • What Steph Curry brings to UA’s shoe business (Benzinga)
  • You picked the wrong line of work (Business Insider)
  • Dropbox and other unicorns are tightening their belts. (businessinsider)
  • Apple Stock Has a ‘Floor’ at $90, Even As Estimates Fall (Tech Trader)
  • Uber’s new tipping policy is a mistake. (hbr)
  • Icahn has a fund with a 149% net short position (Barron’s)
  • Small startups need an equally small board. (medium)
  • The labor market is tight as a drum, small biz owners can’t even fill slots (Bloomberg)
  • Startup hiring is super important and a pain in the *ss. (pointsandfigures)
  • The combination of trading and chatting is working for millennials on the Robinhood / StockTwits platform (Howard Lindzon)
  • Ping pong table sales as a measure of startup health. (wsj)
  • David Booth, turning academic insight into asset management excellence (Institutional Investor)
  • Internet Video Views Is A 100 Percent Bullshit Metric (Gawker)
  • On the value of playing small ball. (avc)
  • What happens at a startup after a down round. (qz)
  • Teary-Eyed Student Loan Officers Proudly Watch As $200,000 Asset Graduates From College (The Onion)

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