06/09/15 – Tuesday Interest-ing Reads

  • Housing Bubble? Despite Rising Prices, Most Economists Still Say No (blogs.wsj)
  • Here’s a Few Facts and Charts That Gold Bugs Might Not Like: Should you be holding gold? (bloomberg)
  • Stock picking contests teach bad behavior (Abnormal Returns)
  • Apple’s WWDC By The Numbers (buzzfeed)
  • Hot, young stars shine in Hubble telescope’s 25th anniversary photo (mashable)
  • Why mutual funds should pay investors for loyalty (Jason Zweig)
  • …but market timing based on valuation is impossible (Research Affiliates)
  • 2015 is one of the least volatile years in history (so far) (ValueWalk)
  • Trailing PE ratios are on the high side… (Dr. Ed’s Blog)
  • Frank Holmes on the “billions and billions” pouring into India and China stock markets (Advisor Perspectives)
  • Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus (sciencemag)
  • Apple Unveils Apple Music, New Software, puts spotlight on music streaming service, news app at its developers conference (wsj)
  • Wages Seen Growing at Small Businesses in U.S., NFIB Reports (Bloomberg)
  • HSBC announces monster overhaul, will lay off 50,000 workers globally (Wall Street Journal)
  • The world forgot about Japan. But it’s back (qz)
  • Hulbert:This bear market in gold still has too many bulls (marketwatch)
  • Fintech’s Forgotten Markets (social.techcrunch)
  • 10 Big Lies in the Financial Services Industry (rpseawright.wordpress)
  • What you need to know about the NOAA global warming faux pause paper (theguardian)
  • Mind-boggling images from 25 years of the Hubble Telescope (mashable)
  • Brett Arends on the Wingstop IPO (MarketWatch)
  • McDonald’s Global Sales Have Fallen Every Month for the Last Year (slate)
  • Nearing Peak, U.S. Home Price Gains to Slow (online.barrons)

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