06/11/15 – Thursday Interest-ing Reading

  • Wedbush says Ebay’s soon to be spun PayPal unit is worth $35 or more (Benzinga)
  • PIMCO averted a fire sale by having its funds sell bonds to each other (Bloomberg)
  • Meredith Whitney Shuts Her Hedge Fund (Wall Street Journal)
  • Wow – Chip Wilson, founder of lululemon, will sell his entire 14% stake in the company (Wall Street Journal)
  • Fun with Quantum Mechanics:Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past (digitaljournal)
  • TheGlobal 20: Twenty big stories that define the world right now (businessinsider)
  • New Jersey’s Tax Incentives Soar as Job Growth Lags Behind, despite $2 billion in tax incentives, job growth trails other states. (governing)
  • The fuss about graphene (economist)
  • Calling the Turns: Why Market Timing Is So Hard (researchaffiliates)
  • Wealth and Generations: If you only focus on the “1 percent,” youmiss another form of inequality that is bigger and arguably more dangerous (washingtonmonthly)
  • The Koch brothers and the Republican Party go to war — with each other (Yahoo Politics)
  • What Good Is History? Everyone has their own version. Here’s the best way to navigate it. (fool)
  • Yikes! A fifth of big stocks in bear market (americasmarkets.usatoday)
  • Two more years of Bull? (thereformedbroker)
  • Nearly 99% of Manhattan apartments are occupied (NY Post)
  • Largest organic grocer now Costco, analysts say (seattletimes)
  • William Bernstein is not enthusiastic about the currency-hedging trend (ETF.com)
  • Corporations Have to Pay Taxes After All (bloombergview)
  • Brighter Economy Speeds Flight From Government Bonds (WSJ)but seeHow Will the Economy’s “Lost Decade” Play Out in 2016? (newyorker)
  • The amazing truth about Costco’s organic food (blog.sfgate)
  • Poor sleeping habits are filling our brains with neurotoxins (qz)
  • The most hated stock on Wall Street (Sizemore Insights)

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