06/16/16 – Thursday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • An excerpt from Robert Frank’s “Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy.” (ritholtz)
  • Sears Holdings ($SHLD) under Eddie Lampert’s direction had a lot of problems including unrealistic share buybacks. (businessinsider)
  • Nasdaq ($NDAQ) is making headway in the gasoil futures biz. (ft)
  • How have Vanguard’s actively managed funds done over time? (ifa)
  • More pension funds are getting into direct private equity investing. (nytimes)
  • Quantitative investing is not a monolithic category. (researchpuzzle)
  • How EA ($EA) grades players for its huge Madden franchise. (fivethirtyeight)
  • Voice control will not fix the Internet of Things. (scientificamerican)
  • Women still have a hard time breaking into the hedge fund game. (institutionalinvestor)
  • City centers continue to attract young, high income residents. (wsj)
  • Exiting the world of ZIRP is harder than it looks. (nytimes)
  • Binary events, like Brexit, are a part of the investing landscape. (managed-futures-blog.attaincapital)
  • Arguments to the contrary, text is forever. (kottke)
  • The Treasury market thinks the Fed is on hold for longer. (capitalspectator)
  • Are we creating too many funds/ETFs? (blogs.wsj)
  • Yet another example of murky insider trading prosecutions. (bloomberg)
  • Promises to the contrary Yahoo ($YHOO) did break Tumblr. (mashable)
  • Investors are relying too much on ETF liquidity. (investmentnews)
  • Weekly initial unemployment claims continue to trend below 300k. (calculatedriskblog)
  • How investors can step outside the 60/40 portfolio. (charlessizemore)
  • A redacted version of the June 2016 FOMC Statement. (alephblog)
  • The market is a dynamic organism. (fortunefinancialadvisors)
  • Is home bias hurting your portfolio? (acquirersmultiple)
  • In praise of DIY investing. (foxonstocks)
  • A dozen things learned about venture capital and startups from Pitch Johnson. (25iq)
  • Beware a VIX over 20.0. (stockcharts)
  • Ships have gotten too darn big. (bloomberg)

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