06/20/16 – Monday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • When anomalies are published their future returns diminish. (etf)
  • Some muni bond ETFs that are off the beaten path. (etf)
  • The brutal math of the real, after tax returns of a 60/40 portfolio. (econompicdata.blogspot)
  • What explains the profitability premium? (etf)
  • Google brings in a ringer to take the cloud fight to Amazon (Business Insider)
  • Can you protect your bond investments from a crisis with stocks? Not so fast… (blog.alphaarchitect)
  • Distressed debt hedge funds are trying to lock up money in anticipation of opportunities down the road. (ft)
  • Stock futures staging a bananas rally as Brexit fades from the fear rotation (Reuters)
  • The recent $VIX spike kicked off a buy signal. (thereformedbroker)
  • Who sold during the 2008-09 crash? (papers.ssrn)
  • If your co-worker is on vacation leave them alone and deal with it yourself. (m.signalvnoise)
  • Companies that don’t change their filing language tend to outperform. (blog.alphaarchitect)
  • The 3 stages of the post-war US economy. (crossingwallstreet)
  • There is always a wall of worry: here are today’s bricks. (washingtonpost)
  • Disney’s ‘Finding Dory’ shatters animated film records (USA Today)
  • Can IEX Group go mainstream? (wsj)
  • Why rare events happen all the time. (bloomberg)
  • The long running China crisis is still at hand. (blogs.ft)
  • A reminder from Michael Batnick – you’ll never be ready for what life has in store (Irrelevant Investor)
  • “Venezuela is convulsing from hunger.” (New York Times)
  • Cavs Teammates Sheepishly Tell Kevin Love They’re Not Aware Of Any Postgame Parties (The Onion)
  • Over the weekend, India lost its star central banker. Investors aren’t thrilled. (Bloomberg)
  • Another too-good-to-be-true hedge fund story ends in wind-downs and arrests (Bloomberg)
  • Nobody really knows what the future will look like. (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Wealth advisors jobs are going to change over time due to technology. (bloomberg)

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