06/23/16 – Thursday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • In praise of psychedelics. (theatlantic)
  • 6 lessons learned from Monish Pabrai about investing. (thewaiterspad)
  • 10 Thursday AM reads from Barry Ritholtz. (ritholtz)
  • How Estonia has become the most tech-savvy in the world. (mic)
  • How Casper tries to sell you mattresses. (backchannel)
  • Ev Williams has been a part of much of what we know of as the Internet. (theatlantic)
  • Netflix ($NFLX) changed the entertainment business. Now can they survive it? (nytimes)
  • A new Michael Mauboussin paper on operating leverage and how sales growth, profit growth, and value creation do not always go together. (plus.credit-suisse)
  • The biggest advertisers on television are threatened by the Internet. (stratechery)
  • The secret of why we like what we like. (theguardian)
  • Conflicted deals and stress tests by Matt Levine. (bloomberg)
  • Further reading by David Keohane. (ftalphaville.ft)
  • Learning to give yourself a break will make you happier. (aeon.co)
  • Wealth Adviser Daily Briefing by Michael Wursthorn. (blogs.wsj)

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