07/05/16 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • New Study Claims Corporate Executives Intentionally Mislead Investors for Personal Gain (bloomberg)
  • Brexit Accelerates the British Pound’s 100 Years of Debasement&#xA0 (bloomberg)
  • The Vagaries of Using CAPE to Forecast Returns (Enterprising Investor)
  • This Is What Happened To My Brain When I Spent More Time In Nature (fastcompany)
  • German officials rethinking their ideas about the EU, post-Brexit (Irish Times)
  • This is great – Tren Griffin makes a Devil’s Dictionary for Venture Capital terms (25iq)
  • What does Kevin Durant going to Golden State say about the modern NBA? (New York Times)
  • Investors Look to Earnings, Oil for Gains in U.S. Stocks (wsj)
  • Italian bank debt is the next focal point of the rolling crisis (Wall Street Journal)
  • Sterling drops as Mark Carney takes action to help UK banks (Reuters)
  • Emerging Markets Rise 5% in First Half of 2016 (barrons)
  • Hedge Funds Set for Worst First Half Since ’11 on Turmoil (bloomberg)
  • Tyler Cowen: So when will they invoke Article 50? (Marginal Revolution)
  • Silver goes ballistic (Stockcharts.com)
  • Does More Security at Airports Make Us Safer or Just Move the Targets? (nytimes)
  • The Myth Of Private Equity And Venture Capital Outperformance (valuewalk)
  • Has a run on British commercial property already begun? (The Economist)
  • The Downside of Past Performance (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Why Tech Support Is (Purposely) Unbearable (nytimes)
  • I make the case for Gary Johnson (TRB)
  • The $3 Billion Family Art Feud (wsj)
  • The Tesla didn’t really crash itself (washingtonpost)
  • Older Snapchat users may threaten the app’s popularity among the hardcore teen users (Wall Street Journal)
  • Credit Suisse: 9 reasons to be overweight EM stocks (ValueWalk)
  •  What Do Measures of Real-Time Corporate Sales Tell Us about Earnings Surprises and Post-Announcement Returns? (nber)

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