07/08/16 – Friday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Election 2016 Is Propelled by the American Economy’s Failed Promises (wsj)
  •  Auto Insurance Is Costlier at Lower Incomes, Study Says (nytimes)
  • A shopper’s manifesto: Three simple questions to help you quit the business of fast fashion (qz)
  • New Cars Are Too Expensive for the Typical Family, Study Finds (nytimes)
  • The tyranny of messaging and notifications (theverge)
  • Shares of job growth aren’t the best metric of labor market health for less-educated workers. (medium)
  • 5 officers slain, 7 wounded, 1 suspect dead after shooting at Dallas rally (Dallas News)
  • Graphic: After Orlando, Gun Sales Surged (bloomberg)
  • Why the Biggest Benefit of Index Investing Isn’t Lower Costs (blogs.wsj)
  • Brexit kicked the beating Deutsche Bank was taking into high gear (Bloomberg)
  • Comparing the REIT ETFs (ETF.com)
  • Benjamin Graham on Financial Advisors (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • Why Banks Aren’t Giving You a 3%, 30-Year Mortgage … Yet (wsj)
  •  Abigail Johnson’s Pivot (thereformedbroker)
  • U.S. Regulator Bans Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes From Operating Labs for Two Years (Wall Street Journal)

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