07/28/16 – Thursday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Why every company should be worried about technology disruption, i.e. Dollar Shave Club. (nytimes)
  • Inside the flight of Facebook’s ($FB) first Internet drone. (theverge)
  • Some of the many mistakes Yahoo ($YHOO) made in its time. (medium.freecodecamp)
  •  1929 vs. 2000 (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Zoning Has Had a Good 100 Years. Enough Already. (bloomberg)
  • Millennials are a big drag on the economy. (theatlantic)
  • Moody’s: Active fund managers face more pain (ft)
  • Mobile platform wars: the final score (ben-evans)
  • In praise of the thriving economic blogosphere. (next.ft)
  • Set It and Forget It: How Default Settings Rule the World (propublica)
  • Recode’s Kara Swisher on What’s Wrong (and Right) With the Media (nymag)
  • The sources of alpha are always shifting. (quandl)
  •  Key findings on how Americans view new technologies that could "enhance" human abilities (pewresearch)
  • Disaster myopia and longest, shallowest cycle ever: Nowhere does overthinking seem more prevalent than in global macro (markdow.tumblr)
  • Why Economists Are Better Than Markets at Telling You How the Economy Is Doing (bloomberg)
  •  Android Handset Makers’ Advance Squeezes Apple (wsj)
  • Meet Luca, the Ancestor of All Living Things (nytimes)
  • Lunch with Rob Rhinehart the creator of meal substitute Soylent. (next.ft)
  • A dozen things learned from one of the most ambitious startups (Teledesic) ever. (25iq)

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