08/17/15 – Monday Morning Interest-ing Reads

  • The revenue growth you seek is hiding behind the energy crash (Dr. Ed’s Blog)
  • Revenue growth now negative for two straight quarters (Financial Times)
  • Urban Carmel’s weekly market summary rocks (Fat Pitch)
  • The Greek Debt Deal’s Missing Piece (nytimes)
  • The best investment strategy for you? It’s the one you’re likely to stick with. (washingtonpost)
  • The “Inside Amazon” hit piece that everyone is talking about (New York Times)
  • The commission model is about to die, brokers are postulating that this means a decline in service. Nope. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Why is Bitcoin forking? (medium)
  • There are thousands of repetitive articles about every topic of the day because the thirst for clicks is real. (New York Times)
  • Bloomberg View’s editorial board on the potential for bond market trauma (BloombergView)
  • “A virtually flat S&P 500 for 133 days this year may be an indication that the efficient market hypothesis is taking its revenge.” (Price Action Lab)
  • Disney is the winner (survivor) of any large-scale cord-cutting movement (MarketWatch)
  • The 13F’s are out – here are all the stocks top hedge funds like (ValueWalk)
  • Cuba’s Next Revolution: Real Estate (worldpropertyjournal)
  • Verizon’s new, experimental FiOS service is 10 times faster than Google Fiber (washingtonpost)
  • Documents confirm Apple is building self-driving car (theguardian)
  • Donald Trump, ThroughtheAges. (mcsweeneys)
  • The Case Against Hedge Fund Managers (ai-cio)

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