09/10/15 – Thursday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Giant Hedge Fund’s Radical Idea: Performance Guaranteed or Your Money Back (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Endurance of Bushism (nymag)
  • Brief Thoughts and Observations Regarding Today’s ‘Hey Siri’ Apple Event (daringfireball)
  • The siege of Herbalife ($HLF) is now three years old. (fortune)
  • How Will Real-Time Tracking Change the N.F.L.? (New Yorker)
  • 12 things learned from Charlie Munger about risk. (25iq)
  • Hilsenrath:Fed Wavers on September Rate Rise (wsj)
  • A Market Update for Real Investors: News for people with long attention spans. (fool)
  • The Next Crisis Is Coming by Land (bloombergview)
  • Assessing a company’s “total addressable market”? (doc.research-and-analytics.csfb)
  • Patterned By Birth (theirrelevantinvestor.wordpress)
  • S&P cuts Brazilian credit rating to junk. Not that anyone should be shocked… (The Economist)
  • On the challenge of using stop loss orders for ETFs during periods of market illiquidity. (kitces)
  • I’m totally in for Kurt Sutter’s new show next week (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Dani Rodrick separates the criticism of economics from the criticism of economists (Project Syndicate)
  • Eight Years After the First iPhone, Apple Keeps Going Its Own Way (nytimes)
  • It’s expensive to be poorinAmerica (economist)
  • Analysts haven’t been this negative on emerging markets since 2008 (Value Walk)
  • Wall Street analysts weigh in on Apple’s massive rollout day (Bloomberg)
  • Multifamily Investment in U.S. Hits Record High Over Last Year (worldpropertyjournal)
  • America’s car culture is dying. (washingtonpost)
  • Earth has lost half its forests since dawn of civilization, study finds (csmonitor)
  • Can the Bloomberg Terminal fend off its new challengers? (DealBook)
  • Why a data breach at a big data broker would be really bad. (wsj)
  • Multi-tasking is a modern plague: six ways to tame it. (ft)
  • Memo to David Einhorn re: Gold Miner Suckitude (thereformedbroker)

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