10/13/15 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Lessons learned from investing in 150 startups on AngelList. (medium)
  • Why Angus Deaton Deserved the Economics Nobel Prize (nytimes)
  • Dodd-Frank’s Effect on Small Banks is Muted (wsj)
  • What the Color of Your Luxury Car Says About You and Your Taste (bloomberg)
  • Asia Roundtable: After the Storm. Opportunities beckon following Asian markets’ big correction. (barrons)
  • Quietly, Congress extends a ban on CDC research on gun violence (pri)
  • Ferrari Scion, Steered Away From Racing, Ends Up a Billionaire (bloomberg)
  • Gun violence researchers becoming an endangered species? (bigstory.ap)
  • Caring for Aging Parents: How private banks are tackling the financial and emotional issues that affect older parents (barrons)
  • Why are companies staying private longer? (barrons)
  • Don’t base your business on a paid app. (signalvnoise)
  • Yahoo ($YHOO) needs to think like private equity to get the stock price up. (recode)
  • Knowing when to quit is difficult. (pointsandfigures)
  • Vanguard knocks Fidelity from top spot of DC assets ranking after decades-long run (pionline)
  • Michael Covel talks with Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo, and author of “Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth.” (trendfollowing)
  • Brokers Answer the Entrepreneurial Call (wsj)
  • When Financial Advisers Move, Should Clients Follow? (wsj)
  • Nobel Economist Showed We’re Helping the Wrong People (bloombergview)
  • AngelList just scored a big pool of Chinese capital to invest in startups. (techcrunch)
  • There’s a revolving door between Washington and Wall Street. Here are some of the biggest names to pass through (businessinsider)
  • Did an Asteroid-Volcano One-Two Punch Wipe Out the Dinosaurs? (slate)
  • Something has shifted in Silicon Valley. The crazy days are over. (fortune)
  • How do you value a company like Uber? (techcrunch)
  • What is Google ($GOOG) AMP and how will it change mobile publishing? (mondaynote)

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