11/05/15 – Thursday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Earnings Season in U.S. Is Turning Into ‘Adjusted Ebitda’ Season (bloomberg)
  • Jason Voss, “Passive investing gets three massive free passes.” (blogs.cfainstitute)
  • A portrait of the stressed out modern American family. (nytimes)
  • What Hedge Fund Managers Make in a Bad Year (ai-cio)
  • Exxon Predicted Today’s Cheap Solar Boom Back in the 1980s (bloomberg)
  • Municipal Bonds Shine in Bleak Landscape (wsj)
  • The strange story of how the Federal Reserve system was formed. (latimes)
  • China Enters Bull Market (wsj)
  • Don’t believe the Democratic Party is in crisis? Then read this tweet. (vox)
  • Essena O’Neill quits Instagram, claiming social media ‘is not real life’ (theguardian)
  • What Economists Don’t Get About Climate Change (bloombergview)
  • Howard Marks,Oaktree founder, attacks hedge fund fees (ft)
  • This Is the Worst U.S. Earnings Season Since 2009 (bloomberg)
  • Khamenei Clarifies: “Death to America” Is Nothing Personal, Guys (slate)
  • Michael Mauboussin and Daniel Kahneman talk about intuition. (compoundingmyinterests)
  • Seaweed is full of nutrients. Too bad its tastes awful. (newyorker)
  • Why you need to acquire more mental models. (investorfieldguide)
  • Facebook Prods Users to Share a Bit More as new content postings slip (wsj)
  • The Lure of Luxury (bostonreview)
  • Why QVC continues to be live shopping juggernaut. (washingtonpost)
  • What is the natural rate of interest? (marginalrevolution)
  • Politicians aren’t really talking about our coming retirement crisis. (bloombergview)
  • Willie Nelson wants to take on “Big Marijuana.” (nymag)

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