11/13/15 – Friday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • What Republicans Get Wrong About the Gold Standard (blogs.wsj)
  • May 1994 – What Happened When the Fed Last Diverged With Europe (bloomberg)
  • How This Classic Car Broker Is Helping Collectors Gauge the Market (bloomberg)
  • How the (podcast) sausage gets made. A look at how podcast pros put together an episode. (gimletmedia)
  • What Interest Rates Can Teach Us About Behavioral Biases (awealthofcommonsense)
  • How Josh Brown went from retail broker to media superstar. (wealthmanagement)
  • The discovery of statistical regression. (priceonomics)
  • The epic Carl Icahn interview everyone is talking about. (thereformedbroker)
  • Pethokoukis: A last hurrah for Republican tax slashers (ft)
  • Bill Simmons talks with Malcolm Gladwell about the current sports scene. (soundcloud)
  • Michael Covel talks with Kathleen Eisenstadt co-author of “Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World.”* (trendfollowing)
  • YouTube Music is here, and it’s a game changer (theverge)
  • Barry Ritholtz talks with Financial Engines ($FNGN) co-founder Jeff Maggioncalda. (ritholtz)
  • Candidates: “If there were another financial crisis, I would bail out the banks.” (washingtonpost)
  • SEC Nominee Works at Think Tank Dedicated to Blocking SEC Regulation (theintercept)
  • The democratization of “Uberization” of finance is inevitable. (wsj)
  • Podcasts you should check out over the Thanksgiving break. (wsj)
  • The Economy Is Better — Why Don’t Voters Believe It? (fivethirtyeight)
  • Wannabe podcasters should check out “The Podcast Dude” for technical how-tos. (seanwes)
  • How Warren Zanes came to write “Tom Petty: The Biography.” (freakonomics)
  • Brian Koppelman talks about art and depression with his wife Amy Koppelman author of “I Smile Back.” (slate)
  • Marc Maron talks with the man behind SNL Lorne Michaels. (wtfpod)
  • Sean McLaughlin talks trading philosophy with @MercenaryJack Litle. (stitcher)
  • Felix Salmon on the Slate Money crew explain alternative investments. (slate)
  • Boom times for US corporate bond sales (ft)

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