11/22/15 – Sunday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Don’t end up like this guy who shorted the wrong stock and ended up in debt. (joshuakennon)
  • Many pension funds still have way too optimistic return assumptions. (economist)
  • Gap ($GPS) is struggling. (bloomberg)
  • The dream of social trading is finally here. (howardlindzon)
  • Just how much farther does the economic recovery (csen.tumblr)
  • Value stocks have discounted a slowing economy. (dashofinsight)
  • Commission-free trading from Robinhood is getting integrated into a number of sites including StockTwits. (fastcompany)
  • Brett Steenbarger, “The key to mastery is failing successfully.” (traderfeed.blogspot)
  • What CEOs have been saying about the economy on conference calls this week. (blogs.cfainstitute)
  • Why aren’t gold timers more bearish? (marketwatch)
  • Facebook ($FB) doesn’t skimp on Mark Zuckerberg’s security. (footnoted)
  • The Treasury has not scare off a Pfizer ($PFE)-Allergan ($AGN) deal yet. (bloomberg)
  • Equity traders are outpacing bond traders on Wall Street, pay-wise. (bloomberg)
  • A succinct summary of the economic week. (ritholtz)
  • Gatis Roze, “Without careful monitoring, you are just a stock market tourist.” (stockcharts)
  • Five charts from the week in markets including a look at recent IPOs. (blogs.wsj)
  • Behold the breakout in Google ($GOOGL). (blog.afraidtotrade)
  • Will iOS and OSX ever merge? (macsparky)
  • The economic schedule for the coming week. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Why do affluent parents put so much pressure on their children? (theatlantic)

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