11/25/16 – Friday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Snap is not messing around with its IPO. (nytimes)
  • Barry Ritholtz talks with Ruchir Sharma of Morgan Stanley ($MS) about the emerging markets. (ritholtz)
  • A seed fund investment checklist. (medium)
  • Founders: don’t go dark. (davidgcohen)
  • Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway talk with Arthur Demarest, a professor at Vanderbilt University about signs that the end of civilization is near. (bloomberg)
  • Peter McKay talks with Patrick Wyman about the "fall of Rome." (artofmanliness)
  • Be a maker, not a financier. (nytimes)
  • The characteristics of a next generation CIO. (zylo)
  • Peter Kafka talks with Bob Lefsetz about the state of the music business and why artists should embrace streaming. (recode)
  • Azeem Azhar talks with Ryan Avent author of "The Wealth of Humans: Work, Power and Status in the Twenty-First Century." (soundcloud)
  • Patrick O’Shaughnessy talks with Kevin Simler of Melting Asphalt. (investorfieldguide)
  • How tech grows in Indianapolis. (forbes)
  • Why native apps are doomed. (medium)
  • Why umpires, and the rest of us, make inconsistent decisions. (freakonomics)
  • Russ Roberts talks with Erik Hurst about why so many young men are dropping out of the labor force and playing video game. (econtalk)
  • On the dangers of football through the eyes of Steve Young. (npr)
  • Airbnb is becoming more of a travel agency. (mashable)
  • How to fix the fake news problem. (avc)
  • How well do you know the language of startups? (wsj)

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