11/29/15 – Sunday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Ten insights for traders including the importance of finding your own path. (stockcharts)
  • Home renters may avoid some of the hassles of home ownership but they miss out much more. (blogs.wsj)
  • A succinct summary of the economic week that was. (ritholtz)
  • A company can be well run but strategically incompetent. (sl-advisors)
  • Sugar has rallied and future traders have piled in. (shortsideoflong)
  • The economic schedule for the coming week. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Part two of a conversation with Ben Carlson and Charles Kirk. (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Interest in alternative asset mutual funds has flatlined. (ft)
  • The trouble with chasing hot strategies. (thereformedbroker)
  • How to manage your energy for better performance. (traderfeed.blogspot)
  • Part one of a conversation with Ben Carlson and Charles Kirk. (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Just how “data dependent” is the Fed at this point? (dashofinsight)
  • Why investors always need to keep a “healthy dose of skepticism.” (rp-pieces)
  • Incentives change how we think. (marginalrevolution)
  • Why the President of SoftBank bought nearly a half billion dollars in stock. (bloomberg)
  • How to control the negotiation before it begins. (hbr)

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