12/22/16 – Thursday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • How Not to Invest (baselinescenario)
  • How companies should handle the annual planning process. (avc)
  • Have angels muscled in on the VC crowd? (pointsandfigures)
  • The kind of entrepreneur you want to help. (m.signalvnoise)
  • The Biggest Shot in NBA History: It wasn’t Michael Jordan’s, Ray Allen’s or any of Robert Horry’s. It was Kyrie Irving’s clutch shot in Game 7 of the NBA Finals — even if nobody realized.&#xA0 (wsj)
  • The Year in Money: Record market highs, interest rate hikes, an M&A boom and hardship for the British pound were just some of the defining moments for investors in 2016. (bloomberg)
  • Monetize earlier and scale slower. (byrslf.co)
  • Venture debt is experiencing a renaissance. (bloomberg)
  • Politicians’ Most Bogus Science-Related Claims of 2016 (scientificamerican)
  • How Cognitive Biases May Lead To Sustainable Alpha (kitces)
  • The bigger the VC fund the bigger the exit required. (medium)
  • Apple’s bulletproof Wall Street growth story came to a halt this year (social.techcrunch)
  • Companies need to build their boards deliberately not haphazardly. (feld)
  • Memory: The movie that doesn’t exist and the Redditors who insist it does (newstatesman)
  • Tesla’s 1.3-Billion-Mile Advantage Over Its Competitors (bloomberg)
  • Fred Wilson’s intro to "Venture Deals 3.0." (avc)
  • Favorite books, articles and podcast episodes of 2016 (ariadnewa)
  • The numbers any startup founder needs to know cold. (hackernoon)
  • On-demand delivery startups are on their way out. (mobile.reuters)
  • AlphaSense is showing that search built for a particular vertical can be a viable business. (thefinancialrevolutionist)
  • Research shows VCs bet on the jockey not the horse. (venturebeat)
  • The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation. (nytimes)

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