12/25/15 – Friday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • How Steph Curry, LeBron James and the NBA Stole Christmas (bloomberg)
  • Why‘White Christmas’ is the original Christmas No. 1 (blogs.spectator.co.uk)
  • Slowly and Unspectacularly, the U.S. Economy Chugs Toward 2016 (thefiscaltimes)
  • Economists Say ‘Bah! Humbug!’ to Christmas Presents (wsj)
  • Santa’s Privacy Policy. (mcsweeneys)
  • The Science Behind a Chocolate Funk (bloombergview)
  • Why our Christmas music is still stuck in the ’50s (washingtonpost)
  • Amazon Dominated Nearly Everything This Year (newrepublic)
  • The Christmas the Aliens Didn’t Come: What a failed doomsday prophecy taught psychologists about the nature of belief (theatlantic)
  • Obama’s effort to ‘nudge’ America: The government tried using behavioral science to shape people’s behavior. Here’s what happened. (politico)
  • Creating The World’s Greatest Anagram (priceonomics)

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