05/27/17 – Saturday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • ‘Top Gun 2’ is an awful idea. (bloomberg)
  • Pizza down on the farm? Yes, please. (atlasobscura)
  • It’s mainly big companies that buy green power. (wsj)
  • Human beings are a future looking species. (nytimes)
  • Apple ($AAPL) is not a tech company. (aboveavalon)
  • OPEC and Russia Fave Failed to Fix the Epic Oil Glut (cnn)
  • Can the Statue of Liberty be saved from rising sea levels? (bloomberg)
  • In Germany offshore wind is price competitive with nuclear power. (thinkprogress)
  • An up-close look at Antarctica’s rapidly changing environment. (nytimes)
  • What happens to sea levels if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapses? (discovermagazine)
  • China’s Xi Has Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew (project-syndicate)
  • Your data is far more exposed than you think. (wsj)
  • Fox News’s Dominance of Cable News
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05/26/17 – Friday’s Interest-ing Reads

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05/24/17 – Wednesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • What Are We Telling Investors? Focus on Fundamentals (realclear)
  • ESG is coming to the bond market. (bloomberg)
  • 2,000 Wall Streeters just had a meeting in Las Vegas and they all kept making the same awkward noise (businessinsider)
  • "Exclusionary Zoning": Opportunity Hoarding by Upper Middle (realclearmarkets)
  • The robo-advisors are pushing up-market. (bloomberg)
  • There are still a few barriers to entry in the investment business. (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Facts are not the antidote of doubt. (sethgodin.typepad)
  • “Buy the Dip” Is Becoming a Pavlovian Reflex (Becoming?) (blogs.wsj)
  • Ultimate Stock-Pickers: Top 10 High-Conviction Buys (morningstar)
  • The case for overweighting European stocks. (thereformedbroker)
  • What new graduates need to know before entering wealth management. (forbes)
  • Driverless cars inspire a new gold rush in California (ft)
  • A closer look at the evolution of the
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05/23/17 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • On the comparative advantage "giant" funds have over their competition. (institutionalinvestor)
  • Google Is Building the Future, and New York Times Is Depressed (realclearmarkets)
  • Netflix ($NFLX) has been public for 15 years. Congrats if you held the entire time. (theirrelevantinvestor)
  • An Optimistic View of the Relative Calm In the Markets (bloomberg)
  • Can Meadows Rescue the Planet from CO2? (Scientific American)
  • Ten high conviction stock purchases from the ultimate stock pickers. (beta.morningstar)
  • The Homeric Odyssey of the Web’s Strangest “Simpsons” Site (wired)
  • Why you don’t want your company’s CEO to be too good a golfer. (cnbc)
  • Uber Starts Charging What It Thinks You’re Willing to Pay (bloomberg)
  • Watergate And The Stock Market: A Brief Review for Investors (forbes)
  • Being Wrong About Markets In An Interesting Way (hussmanfunds)
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05/22/17 – Monday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Quants have doubled their share of stock trading since 2013. (wsj)
  • The problem with productivity: it’s tough to measure. (bloomberg)
  • America’s Cities Are Rapidly Running Out of Room (bloomberg)
  • SoftBank’s Son Chases Boyhood Dreams With $100 Billion Fund (Bloomberg Technology)
  • Why it is important to understand your ESG fund’s investment policies and tactics. (advisorperspectives)
  • Predictions – A Fool’s Errand (investingcaffeine)
  • This Is How Your Finances Should Look In Your 40s (marketwatch)
  • Beware Shorting Impeachments (macromon.wordpress)
  • Speculative Frenzy: Tech Stocks Haven’t Done This Since Dot-Com Bubble (cnbc)
  • The Chicago Fed National Activity Index rose in April. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Validea.com: Factor-based models using the strategies of Lynch, Buffett, Graham and other Legendary Investors. Exclusive discount offer for Abnormal Returns readers. (validea)
  • Goldman: Driverless cars will mean 300k job
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05/19/17 – Friday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Why value investors are struggling: mean reversion is lacking reversion. (beta.morningstar)
  • Big Trouble In Little China (blogspot)
  • Dear Walmart, Here’s Why You Will Never Beat Amazon (forbes)
  • Monetary Policy That Is Strangely Devoid of Money (realclearmarkets)
  • Embrace the Suck, Without Which There’s No Effect on the World (aqr)
  • The results of a one-week social media fast. (kottke)
  • Aswath Damodran authof of "Narratives and Numbers" gets the Talks at Google treatment. (valuewalk)
  • How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Empire, and Changed TV News Forever (thedailybeast)
  • Seeing Yet Another Debt Crisis That Isn’t Actually There (bloomberg)
  • "Sgt. Pepper" Turns 50 (wsj)
  • If you want a better web you are going to have to pay for it. (wired)
  • The Giddy Messages Citi Traders Sent While Lehman Died
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05/18/17 – Thursday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • The Handmaid’s Tale Is a Collectivist Dystopia (fee)
  • Big companies that make minority investments in startups are going to have to account for their investments on a more frequent basis. (nytimes)
  • Jerry Brown Plays the ‘Frugal Adult’ While Secretly Spending (realclearmarkets)
  • Life Expectancy: Another Way the Rich Get Richer (latimes)
  • Companies Steal $15 Billion From Their Employees Every Year (fastcompany)
  • China’s Demographic Time Bomb Continues to Tick (bloomberg)
  • IBM ($IBM) is re-officing remote workers. (wsj)
  • As Immigrants Flow Into Germany, Better Job Opportunities for All (movinga)
  • How the Apple ($AAPL) iPhone conquered business. (ft)
  • Japan’s economy seems to be gaining some momentum. (ft)
  • Americans have swapped mortgage debt for student and auto debt. (ritholtz)
  • DeVos Wants to Kill a Major Loan Forgiveness Program (slate)
  • Facing
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05/17/17 – Wednesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • What happens when volatility rises. (pensionpartners)
  • With Tax Reform, Save Forest Rather Than Cut Down Trees (realclearmarkets)
  • Sen. Warren Concocts Another Way to Make Life More Expensive (spectator)
  • Smooth transitions at hedge funds are few and far between. ValueAct is giving it a shot however. (nytimes)
  • Warren Buffett’s notion of what an ‘ideal business’ looks like has changed. (intrinsicinvesting)
  • The Active Equity Renaissance: New Frontiers of Risk (blogs.cfainstitute)
  • The investment industry is horribly overcompensated. (humbledollar)
  • It’s the Summer of Rum — and we need it!&#xA0 (bloomberg)
  • High yield bonds break out (Stockcharts.com)
  • “Brandy” Songwriter on How “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” Finally Gave His Hit a Deeper Meaning (hollywoodreporter)
  • Daniel Grioli, "Genuine active management is A LOT more capacity constrained that most investors realise." (i3-invest)
  • RIAs
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05/16/17 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Pay was down in 2016 for the top hedge fund managers. (nytimes)
  • The Higher and Higher Cost of Higher Ed (weeklystandard)
  • It’s hard to grasp the strength of Amazon’s ($AMZN) moat. (techcrunch)
  • Hidden Debt, and Hidden Deficits: 2017 Edition (hoover)
  • Dear Mr. President, Stock Market Doesn’t Know What to Expect (usnews)
  • Industrial production jumped 1.0% in April. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Rupert Murdoch’s Managment Disaster at Fox (nymag)
  • Portfolio construction is not about building the optimal portfolio. (pragcap)
  • Creatives don’t wait for inspiration to strike. (nytimes)
  • In an uber-connected economy there is no reason to be stingy with "goodwill and encouragement." (sethgodin.typepad)
  • The Vix Article Nobody Will Like (themacrotourist)
  • Wall Street Wants to Turn Back the Clock to the Year 2007 (usatoday)
  • The New York Times’ Tax Coverage
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05/15/17 – Monday’s Interest-ing Reads

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