02/27/17 – Monday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • True shocks are rare these days. (theatlantic)
  • Insights from Barry Ritholtz’s discussion with Howard Marks. (thewaiterspad)
  • Tony on "betting it all" (A Teachable Moment)
  • Should the US Treasury mess with 50-year bonds? (crossingwallstreet)
  • Yes, the rumors are true: RWM is coming out to Texas this spring – details here: (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
  • the Global X Founder-Run Companies ETF ($BOSS) bets that founders know best. (marketwatch)
  • Warren Buffett, in Annual Letter, Offers Hymn to U.S. Economy (nytimes)
  • The stock selectors at UITs are adding negative value (ETF.com)
  • The race for autonomous cars is over. Silicon Valley lost. (autoblog)
  • How is Germany bypassing the many woes of other European economies. (bloomberg)
  • Staff in the investment management industry are bored at work. (ft)
  • Why Facebook ($FB)
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02/26/17 – Sunday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • The ETF Deathwatch for February 2017. (investwithanedge)
  • Why every company needs a ‘big red stop button’ that goes to the CEO. (sethgodin.typepad)
  • A Q&A with David Levien and Brian Koppelman the team behind "Billions." (forbes)
  • Snap ($SNAP) is the Etsy ($ETSY) of social media. (dealbreaker)
  • Jesse Livermore, "It’s important to remember that as long as cash is yielding zero or something very low, there’s no arbitrage to force asset prices lower, no dynamic to force them to conform to some historically observed level or average." (philosophicaleconomics)
  • Companies often waste money on share buybacks as well. (crossingwallstreet)
  • Josh Brown, "The one thing Buffett has never given up on is the idea that American productivity, innovation and economic dynamism will always lead to substantially greater prosperity in
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02/25/17 – Saturday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • The story of phlegm. (npr)
  • Playwrights are making their market on television. (slate)
  • How to get the benefits of fasting without actually fasting. (wsj)
  • Who is Guy Fieri? (munchies.vice)
  • Why sports leagues are obsessed with speeding up their games. (wsj)
  • Why can’t someone create a modern TV interface? (theverge)
  • The case for going to the movies alone. (bigthink)
  • When did "readability" become the ultimate compliment for a novel? (themillions)
  • Why does strenuous exercise dampen the libido in men? (nytimes)
  • Testosterone supplementation doesn’t seem to do much for older men’s health. (npr)
  • Facebook ($FB) is more powerful than we commonly realize. (stratechery)
  • Why the Ford ($F) F-Series 350 can do it all and for some is quite affordable. (wsj)
  • Modern golf is tough on players’ bodies.
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02/24/17 – Friday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • 2017 Outsourced-Chief Investment Officer Survey (ai-cio)
  • Be Distracted (medium)
  • What makes for a good podcast? (quora)
  • Here is video of the joint talk Bill Gates and Warren Buffett recently did at Columbia University. (marketfolly)
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners’ Jeremy Liew talks with Recode’s Kara Swisher. (overcast.fm)
  • Robin Powell talks with new Morningstar ($MORN) CEO Kunal Kapoor. (evidenceinvestor.co.uk)
  • An interview with Andrew Hallman author of "Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School." (canadiancouchpotato)
  • Eddy’s Elfenbein’s wrap-up from the past week. (crossingwallstreet)
  • Mark Thomas always has all the economic links you need. (economistsview.typepad)
  • How Gordon Segal built Crate & Barrel. (npr)
  • A talk with Yuval Harari, author of the new book "Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow." (a16z)
  • Joe Weisenthal and
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02/23/17 – Thursday’s Interest-ing Reads

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02/22/17 – Wednesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • How Acorns has grown so quickly. (fortune)
  • Mortgage debt is approaching 50% of GDP. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Hedge funds are converting to mutual funds. Should you ignore their historical performance? (beta.morningstar)
  • Meet the Macedonian Teens Who Mastered Fake News and Corrupted the U.S. Election (wired)
  • ISIS is going broke (nypost)
  • Finance experts don’t know anything about your personal situation. (humbledollar)
  • A review of robo-advisor SigFig. (businessinsider)
  • Trying to figure out "your number" is tough. (nytimes)
  •  Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber (susanjfowler)
  • Will hedge funds converge on a ‘1 and 30’ fee structure? (bloomberg)
  • Venice Fights Back: The world’s most beautiful city has never been more threatened. But a passionate movement of locals is determined to keep it alive.&#xA0 (citylab)
  • The drawdowns for so-called "income
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02/21/17 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

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02/20/17 – Monday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • This is a critical skill that many data scientists are lacking. (venturebeat)
  • Will ETFs destroy factor investing? (blog.alphaarchitect)
  • How much of accounting can be done by robots? (wired)
  • "Big brokerage firms do not appear concerned about Robinhood." (mobile.nytimes)
  • Startup OpenFin wants to be "the industrywide operating layer" for Wall Street. (businessinsider)
  • What could stop Vanguard from industry domination? (awealthofcommonsense)
  • Greg Blotnick, "At their core, market forecasts are an attempt to predict future investors’ emotions, and there is just no reliable way to do that." (blogs.cfainstitute)
  • Fred Wilson, "There is a lot of economic surplus that could come from automation." (avc)
  • How realistic are the coaching sessions traders undergo in "Billions"? (businessinsider)
  • Bitcoin ETFs for dummies. (etf)
  • There is no shortage of water ETFs. (investwithanedge)
  • Index
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02/19/17 – Sunday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Every EU economy is growing at the same time. (qz)
  • Why the wireless carrier game got upended this week. (theverge)
  • On the high cost of always calling for a bear market. (fortunefinancialadvisors)
  • Five apps you need to know about. (medium)
  • The case for muni bonds. (barrons)
  • Are we in the midst of a "melt-up"? (dashofinsight)
  • How Snap ($SNAP) is different from Facebook ($FB) or Google ($GOOGL). (ben-evans)
  • The oil sands are in a tough spot. (wsj)
  • The economic schedule for the holiday-shortened week. (calculatedriskblog)
  • Howard Lindzon, "If Vanguard was a public company the stock would be at all time highs today." (medium)
  • This is the biggest mistake investors make. (stockcharts)
  • Is "building new products" a viable strategy for Snap ($SNAP)? (hbr)
  • Don’t celebrate failure, learn
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02/18/17 – Saturday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • 99.6% of new smartphone run either iOS or Android. (theverge)
  • Are public-private partnerships the solution to America’s aging airports? (politico)
  • Starbucks ($SBUX) is still outperforming the rest of the restaurant industry. (fortune)
  • An interview with David Levien and Brian Koppelman co-creators of "Billions" on Showtime. (finance.yahoo)
  • Data centers are undergoing a period of consolidation. (fortune)
  • Wind briefly made up 50% of of the SPP grid. (fortune)
  • Is unlimited data a scam? (recode)
  • Is Medium just a vanity project? (businessinsider)
  • States are still targeting public universities for budget cuts. (wsj)
  • The gut really is a second brain. (qz)
  • All the trends are working against ace pitchers. (theringer)
  • Eastern Europe, as an idea, is disappearing. (lareviewofbooks)
  • Hedge funds are on the defensive in the new season of
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