01/17/17 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Why Long-Term Investors Love Beta (ai-cio)
  • High productivity firms are more likely to adopt AC. (papers.ssrn)
  • The Curse of Econ 101: When it comes to basic policy questions such as the minimum wage, introductory economics can be more misleading than it is helpful.&#xA0 (theatlantic)
  • Morning News by Eddy Elfenbein. (crossingwallstreet)
  • Physics Envy and the Taxonomy of Uncertainty (frrl.wordpress)
  • Do factor returns depend on the time-horizon studied? (papers.ssrn)
  • The January Effect is interesting but likely not implementable. (blog.alphaarchitect)
  • Obama’s Economic Record: An Assessment (newyorker)
  • Hedge funds that take on more leverage, i.e. funding risk, have a tendency to underperform. (etf)
  • Is there a way to use managed futures to create better portfolio skew? (blog.alphaarchitect)
  • The FlyontheWall.com case put a big dent in the sell-side industry. (papers.ssrn)
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01/16/17 – Monday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • There’s nothing ‘soft’ or easy about Brexit. (bloomberg)
  • Lens maker Essilor is buying Luxottica ($LUX) to create a vertically integrated eyeglass giant. (wsj)
  • Even Vanguard has to close funds. (beta.morningstar)
  • Commodities and emerging market equities led the first week of the trading year. (capitalspectator)
  • Nate Geraci talks with Dave Nadig of ETF.com about the year ahead for ETFs. (etfstore)
  • Measuring the effects of economic uncertainty. (econbrowser)
  • How can money managers compete with Vanguard? Stay niche. (ft)
  • Some bloggers on things we aren’t paying enough attention to. (peterlazaroff)
  • Asset growth is great for ETF managers but what about the revenues? (etf)
  • Snap ($SNAP) shareholders aren’t going to get any votes. (wsj)
  • No-commission ETFs have more volume and tighter spreads. (etf)
  • The many reasons why the Ringling
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01/15/17 – Sunday’s Interest-ing Reads

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01/14/17 – Saturday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games (nautil.us)
  • Good luck trying to protect a viral product these days. (bloomberg)
  • Bo Jackson won’t let his kids play football. (usatoday)
  • Waymo is building its own set of sensors. (ft)
  • Why do you babble like a baby to your dog? (newscientist)
  • Trans cranial stimulation can help with depression symptoms. (newscientist)
  • How do authors even make a living? (slate)
  • Parents help too much with homework. (nautil.us)
  • We should think of the golden age of television, when everything watched the same three networks, as a passing phase. (mobile.nytimes)
  • The Swedish Kings of Cyberwar (nybooks)
  • The world can’t get enough Australian beef. (ft)
  • Poker players are getting much better due to AI. (businessinsider)
  • Fred Wilson, "Something may be inevitable, but that
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01/13/17 – Friday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • What the Fed’s move may mean: The Fed raised rates, and expects the pace of hikes to pick up in 2017. What could it mean for bonds?&#xA0 (fidelity)
  • Krista Tippett talks with Maria Popova of Brain Pickings fame. (onbeing)
  • 60 Minutes on the advances in drone warfare technology. (cbsnews)
  • Daryl Morey, Basketball’s Billy Beane (thewaiterspad)
  • What "The Founder" Can Teach Us About Starting a Business (wsj)
  • Guy Raz talks with Ali Webb co-founder of DryBar. (npr)
  • Another solid retail sales report in December. (calculatedriskblog)
  •  A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media (medium)
  • The stock market is eerily calm. (medium)
  • Patrick O’Shaughnessy talks with Lauren Loktev, Kanyi Maqubela, & Craig Shapiro of the Collaborative Fund. (investorfieldguide)
  • Joe Marchese of Fox on how the
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01/12/17 – Thursday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Why mentorship matters. (techstars)
  • Some recent thoughts from Daniel Kahneman. (collaborativefund)
  • Who should you let introduce you to new investors? (medium)
  • How Self-Driving Cars Are Ushering in the Third Industrial Revolution (Vice)
  • Amazon ($AMZN) is by far and away the best online shopping experience and it will continue to take share. (kottke)
  • Lagging a bull market is one thing, missing it altogether something different. (alphabaskets)
  • http://www.ussif.org/esg (ussif)
  • Apple ($AAPL) is pushing into original programming. (wsj)
  • Chicago is a study in contrasts. (bloomberg)
  • If you think the country is going to h*ll in a handbasket why aren’t you short? (bloomberg)
  • ‘Fossil Fuel Free’ May Not Mean a Low CO2 Footprint (Bloomberg Sustainable Finance)
  • Why Aren’t More Companies Using Renewable Energy? (HBR)
  • SoundCloud is running out of
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01/11/17 – Wednesday’s Interest-ing Reads

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01/10/17 – Tuesday’s Interest-ing Reads

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01/09/17 – Monday’s Interest-ing Reads

  • Don’t burn yourself out. (medium)
  • GMO missed the risk-on rally and is now losing assets. (wsj)
  • Tren’s Griffin’s Advice for Twitter (25iq)
  • The curse of cash: overcoming short-termism. (pragcap)
  • In Rebuke of Tennessee Governor, Koch Group Shows Its Power (nbcnews)
  • How to hire originals. (firstround)
  • Privately-held Mars is buying VCA Antech ($WOOF). (nytimes)
  • Why Apple’s Critics Are Right This Time (Wall Street Journal)
  • Factor ETF due diligence: don’t be fooled by the backtest. (blog.alphaarchitect)
  • English Is the Language of Science. That Isn’t Always a Good Thing: How a bias toward English-language science can result in preventable crises, duplicated efforts and lost knowledge&#xA0 (smithsonianmag)
  • ETF hits and misses in 2016. (etf)
  • Apple insider tells the story of the first iPhone, launched 10 years ago today (BBC)
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01/08/17 – Sunday’s Interest-ing Reads

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