Monday 10/6/2014 – Big One Day Gains and Happy Days

“I think the takeaway is that big one-day gains feel good at the time they’re occurring, but they are certainly not indicative of happy days being here again.”
(The Reformed Broker)
Divorce and your Finances (Wealth Pilgrim) Sentiment readings for September (Short Side of Long) and (Humble Student) and (Ryan Detrick) Diversification to avoid Terrible (Wealth of Common Sense) Real Estate is probably not a good investment for many (NYT) Home Depot and JPM breaches getting shrugged off (WP) 10% Correction a good thing for bull market (USA Today) International stocks at 52 week lows (Dana Lyons) Stress is… good for you? (NYT) HP Splitting into two (WSJ) Facebook closes deal for Whatsapp (Now 22 billion vs 19 billion) (Recode) You don’t know what the hell you are doing, and neither do I (99u) Why winning big in the markets is futile (Barry Ritholtz) Poor Stretch for Funds (Barron’s)

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