Tuesday 10/7/2014 – Sometimes they go to zero

The markets are ruthless. Treat them with some respect.
Howard Lindzon
Global growth disappoints leading to selloff (Advisor Perspectives) A terrible day for this trader (Option Millionaires) GTAT going bankrupt (Ivan Hoff) also How a company can go from 1.5 billion to bankrupt over a weekend (Yahoo Finance) also GTAT surging 90% today (but it’s probably still worth nothing) (Business Insider) What you need to know about stocks this year (The Reformed Broker) SODA stock getting creamed after lowered guidance (ZeroHedge) Skills of the perfect investor (Millenial Invest) The Business Cycle (Barry Ritholtz) Russian ruble is collapsing (Quartz) Start saving money (Wealth Pilgrim) S&P 500 companies spending all profits on buybacks and payouts (Bloomberg) Paying tuition with your credit card has drawbacks (Washington Post) K.I.S.S. is alive and well (HBR) P2P Lender SoFi going public (WSJ) Coffee at 2.5 year highs (WSJ) Marc Andreessen still believes in bitcoin (Bloomberg) also see Falling prices aren’t all that’s wrong with bitcoin (Quartz) Why Apple Pay won’t work (USA Today) Venture Capital and Silicon Valley Assholes (Pando) “I have no idea” is as good an answer as any (Motley Fool) Video: Ryan Detrick market analysis and technical Q&A via Youtube

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